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    8 September 2017 -
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TALA YATRA: A Rhythm Odyssey
with Suresh Talwalkar& group
Friday, September 8, 6.30 pm
Tata theatre

In the Indian tradition, tala, the rhythmic aspect of music, is viewed as being cyclical and not linear. In the cyclic structure of tala the very first beat(sam)assumes paramount significance as the crucial juncture, signifying end of the existing cycle (avartan)as well as beginning of a new cycle.

In music and dance, the composition (bandish) and the following exposition (vistar)are essentially woven around the cyclic contour of the tala. In order to conclude each round of improvisation, the creative strategy adopted by the artiste to arrive upon the climactic moment of sam, becomes the aesthetic high point in a performance. Conversely, the refrain (mukhda) and lyrics of the bandish playa significant roleinreinforcing contour of the tala cycle and accentuating the sam, thus making the tala exposition more expressive.

‘Tala Yatra’ is an innovative presentation conceived, designed and conducted by Suresh Talwalkar, the internationally renowned tabla maestro, scholar and Guru. The ensemble comprising 22 accomplished artistes: vocalists, instrumentalists (sitar, flute, harmonium, tabla, pakhawaj, keyboard, cajun, Western drums and vocal rhythms) as well as kathak dancers reveals a perfect synergy between different streams of music, viz. vocal and instrumental music, and kathak dance.

Within the conventional frameworks of raga and tala, members of the ensemble explore individually and collectively, musical aspects of mukhda and sam using the vehicle of vocal bandish. The resulting audio-visual experience is a veritable mix of abstract and concrete forms and compositions, with elements of sounds, colours, lines and space.


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