The NCPA Library has an extensive collection of books on Music, Dance and Theatre. The Library also covered Film, Painting, Sculpture, Architecture, Photography, Television, Fashion and even Magic, dealing with theoretical as well as practical aspects of these subjects.

Our collection include material that sets the arts in their widest context, including sections on Indian history and geography, mythology, folklore and Indian religions, which have all played an important part in the development of India’s rich cultural heritage.

Music & Ethnomusicology

Books on classical music form the core of our collection with a particular focus on Ethnomusicology, which is the library’s special area of research. Allied to this is an important section on Anthropology, featuring books which explore the different tribes of India. Treatises on Indian music published before 1900 are a special feature of our music collections.


We have a strong periodicals section on Indian Arts: we subscribe to 24 publications dealing with subjects across the range of arts. Articles on Dance, Music, Theatre, Film and TV are indexed and form an important part of the NCPA’s research resource.