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  • Venue
    Cooperage Bandstand Garden, Fort
  • Date Time
    7 January 2023 | 6:00 pm
    7 January 2023 | 7:30 pm
    8 January 2023 | 6:00 pm
    8 January 2023 | 7:30 pm

Event Details

The NCPA is kicking off 2023 with another NCPA@thePark!

Join us at the iconic Cooperage Bandstand Garden in Fort on 7th and 8th January for a fantastic lineup of western classical and international music, along with spoken word and dance. The events will be open to the public free of cost on a first come first serve basis.

The first event on 7th January features musicians of the Symphony Orchestra of India performing in an evening of light classical music with works of beloved composers including Mozart, Tchaikovsky, and more, as well as some popular tunes. Poetry and music by UnErase Poetry will follow. Helly Shah and Priya Malik, accompanied by musician Abhin Joshi, will present poetry about love, hope and life.
8th January will feature Samantha Noella live in concert. To end the weekend, Vaishali Sagar’s Kalanjay Dance Academy will present ‘Indian Route’, a program featuring the vibrant folk forms of India.

Get a taste of the NCPA’s famous cold coffee while enjoying this exciting blend of events. See you at the park!

Date: 7th January
Genre: Western Classical Music
Event Name: Symphony Orchestra of India
Time: 6:00 pm

CSR Partner Citi

Musicians of the Symphony Orchestra of India perform in an evening of light classical music at the Bandra Fort Amphitheatre.

Unwind after a long week with the music of beloved composers including Mozart, Tchaikovsky, and more, as well as some popular tunes.


Date: 7th January
Genre: Theatre
Event Name: UnErase Poetry
Time: 7:30 pm

UnErase Poetry brings to you an evening of poetry and music to make you feel warm on this winter evening. Poets Helly Shah and Priya Malik will be accompanied by musician Abhin Joshi and their poems about love, hope and life will hold your hand.

Abhin Joshi – Music (10 minutes)
Helly Shah – Poem (20 minutes)
Priya Malik – Poem (20 minutes)

Helly Shah

Bio: Helly Shah is a spoken word poet, writer, and a storyteller. She has performed at some of India’s biggest festivals for creators and has millions of views on her stories online.

Priya Malik
Bio: Priya Malik is a household name when it comes to spoken word. She is a popular creator and poet who is known for participating in the reality show, Big Brother Australia and Bigg Boss in India.

Abhin Joshi
Bio: Abhin Joshi is a singer songwriter from Jaipur, known for his singles, ‘Kami Hai’ and ‘Sab Baatein Hai’ released under his performance duo, Abhin and Tanish.


Date: 8th January
Genre: International Music
Event Name: Samantha Noella and the Jazz Bones – A Tribute to the American Song Book
Time: 6:00 pm

Samantha Noella – vocals
Rahul Wadhwani – keys
Adrian D’Souza – drums
Yohaan Pissurlenker- bass
Jarryd Rodrigues – saxophone
Manfred Weinberger – trumpet

Samantha Noella and the Jazz Bones takes you on a journey exploring the American songbook along with some of her original music, with the coolest jazz cats – Rahul Wadhwani on keys, Adrian Dsouza on drums, Yohaan Pissurlenkar on bass, Jarryd Rodrigues on saxophone and adding to this fabulous line up is Austrian trumpeter and flugelhorn player Manfred Weinberger.  Come join Samantha Noella and the Jazz Bones for an evening of vocal jazz.


Date: 8th January
Genre: Dance
Event Name: Indian Route by Vaishali Sagar’s Kalanjay Dance Academy
Time: 7:30 pm

Vaishali Sagar, a decorated performer trained in Indian Folk Dance.

Born in Porbandar, Gujarat and raised in Mumbai, Vaishali Sagar’s earliest memories are that of dancing. As Sagar claims, her mother often remarked on how, as a child, she walked less and danced more. Dance, however, was not the only passion she chased. As a growing girl, she involved herself in painting and reading. Soon, though, at the early age of 8, her passion for dancing saw a channelled growth as she began her formal training under the tutelage of Rooma Banerjee. It was that specific moment in her life that marked the beginning of her journey.

An alumna from Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce, Sagar went on to further train in Indian Folk Dance under her former tutor, Rooma Banerjee. She is the director of Kalanjay Dance Academy, Mumbai

Kalanjay, under Sagar’s guidance, has borne witness to a wonderful journey. A representative of India at numerous international folk festivals, the academy has gradually come to establish itself as a mainstay in the Indian folk-dance landscape. With multiple awards already under their belt, including a gold medal at the Bambini Del Monde, held in Agrigento, Italy, Kalanjay and Sagar, now, look forward to an even brighter future. While her journey has been inspirational, there are still people that Sagar looks up to. Her teachers, Rooma Banerjee and Prashant Bhafalekhar, have played an important role in shaping her into the individual she has become today.

A beautiful evening woven together with the vibrant folk dances
1. Tera Taali from Rajasthan
2. Khodiya from Haryana
3. Lavani from Maharashtra
4. Kalbeliya from Rajasthan
5. Ghantu from Sikkim

An NCPA community outreach initiative in association with the BMC.

Free Entry Registration Required.

Admission on a first-come-first-serve basis. 


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