Hindustani Instrumental Music Recital (sarod)

01 Feb 2020
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by Partho Sarothy (Approx. 90 mins)
In collaboration with Saroj Jhaveri Foundation

Sarod is a fretless plucked stringed instrument, immediately recognisable by its large, skin-covered resonator and polished metal fingerboard. Having evolved from the Afghani rabab around 1830s, the sarod is a relatively young instrument. Like the sitar, its older cousin, sarod too has a distinct repertoire that is independent of vocal music. Having trained since a very young age with sarod maestros like Radhika Mohan Moitra, Dhyanesh Khan and Ravi Shankar, Partho Sarothy has a virtuoso yet meditative approach to music. He has been privileged to have an illustrious career with international presence. In this recital, he will present some ragas like Chandranandan, composed/patronised by the legendary sarod maestro Ali Akbar Khan.


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Venue: Experimental Theatre
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Saturday 01 Feb
6:30 pm
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