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  • Venue
    Godrej Dance Theatre
  • Date Time
    16 June 2024 | 5:00 pm
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  • Duration
    1hr 35mins

Event Details

An NCPA Presentation in collaboration with Abhinay, Kalyan & Vijaylata Production.

This play has got no linear story or plot. This is an overflowing mind of a common clerk. The hero or anti-hero of this play Neelkanth is afflicted with innumerable confusions and conflicts within himself. A split has occurred in the union of the company where he is working. Now both sides are trying to get members to their sides. Neelkanth sees this as a great problem. He is amazed by seeing how other people are able to decide in such matters. He realizes that he has to live with the mind he has got. His past, his hopes, his dreams, his anger  – all come bursting when he is alone. He thinks that the weak mind of his wife is a great hurdle to his living. But, fortunately, he feels, his small daughter is quite intelligent. All want speedy and flawless decisions from him and a completely efficient life. He is agitated by this.  How could he be a successful man, he fails to understand. Hundreds of thoughts keep on pouring without any result. He thinks that the so called social commitment is utter absurdity. Then he thinks about freedom of thought, which again, he sees as a fallacy. Is he a misfit – this question arises in his mind. And another thought comes to his mind – what will happen to his wife’s loneliness if he dies suddenly. He is broken.

This play is nothing but a chaotic mind poured on stage. Seeing a diseased mind from various angles. This is seeing ‘ what is ‘. If the mind itself is a problem then what can be a solution – this play faces this fundamental problem. Who will give any psychological solution to this and to what avail – this is the problem this play faces.

Producer – Vijay Chaughule
Writer – C. P. Deshpande
Director – Abhijeet Zunjarrao
Set – Sandesh Bendre
Lights – Shyam Chavhan
Music – Krushna & Deva
Costume – Trupti Zunjarrao
Advertisement Concept – Pratikesh More
Social Media Promotion – Abstract Digital


Box Office: 26th April for Members & 29th April for Public.

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