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A series of Listening sessions will be presented by the International Music Department; the second session will be conducted by Sunil Sampat, member of the NCPA Jazz Advisory Committee.

The session will feature the magical journey of Bebop with the Music of CHARLIE PARKER & DIZZY GILLESPIE

After the 1930s, also called The Jazz Age, a new, exciting sound emerged in jazz. It is called Bebop and was created by two young musicians, Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie in around 1941. This music has revolutionised jazz music and changed it forever.

The music and study of these two stalwarts is a tale in itself.
Stories, music, videos and anecdotes from the creation of Bebop and onwards will be explored in this listening session.


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Admission on a first-come-first-served basis. NCPA Members will get preferential seating till 5.20pm.

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