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    7 May 2020 -
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Gipsy Kings by André Reyes | Special Guests Mario Reyes and Chico Castillo
Date of Event: March 9, 2019

Grammy Award Winner for the Best World Music Album ‘13
8-Time Grammy Award Nominee

André Reyes (guitar and voice) sings in different styles that include mainly traditional and popular elements of flamenco and rumba features luxury guests like Mario Reyes and Chico Castillo, to make everyone dance with great hits such as “Bamboleo”, “Volare” or “La Dona” among others in their Indian debut performance.

Gipsy Kings consist of two sets of brothers: the Reyes (Nicolas, Canut, Paul, Patchai, André) and Baliardos (Tonino, Paco, Diego). Both groups consisted of children of Spanish gypsy families who had fled to France to escape the Civil War in Spain. They grew up roaming the south of France, working the crops and playing music. In 1987, their self-titled debut album introduced the world to “Rumba Gypsy” and “Bamboleo” by the Gipsy Kings by Andre Reyes were a huge international success. Since then, The Gipsy never stopped singing around the world.

Please note: The videos will be available for a week post the streaming.

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