Raqsam: Shades of Sufi Kalam

08 Feb 2020
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with Mohammed Vakil & group
Compere: Salim Arif
(Approx. 90 mins)

The pain of separation from the Creator is at the core of Sufi lyrics and music. While saint-philosophers like Rumi, Kabir, Bulle Shah, Amir Khusrau and others have fervently expressed the love and longing for the Divine through their poetry, we find similar thoughts also being echoed in works of others like Mir, Ghalib, Tukaram, Tagore. In this event, the artistes will present Sufi kalams of Khusrau, Shah, Kabir and others, juxtaposing the works of other mystic poets like Guru Nanak and Meerabai. Born in a family of ghazal singers, Mohammed Vakil is a versatile artiste. Salim Arif is a well-known writer, director and designer from the world of drama and films.


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Venue: Experimental Theatre
Price: Member: ₹450 & 360/-
Non-Member: ₹500 & 400/-
Saturday 08 Feb
7:00 pm
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