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Short Film Screenings

An NCPA Presentation in collaboration with White Wall Screenings

There are so many wonderful short films being made in India, with auteurs at work in their own regions, and bold, new voices who are experimenting with form and technique. Short Film Corner hopes to connect movie lovers with these films and open a dialogue with filmmakers, who in turn, get a chance to connect with their audiences.


Hindi Film (12 mins)

As the summer holidays approach, Geeta decides to lie about her last day at work to meet Shashi. A conversation between the two women unfolds their sexuality and desires which they long to share, till the last boat arrives.

Directed by Abhinav Dubey
Director of Photography: Mangeshi Dronkar
Written by Abhinav Dubey & Mangeshi Dronkar


Hindi Film (19 mins)

This story revolves around a 60-year-old father who is a tailor by profession. His son, who left home seven years ago, has not yet returned. Before his son left, the father had sewn a shirt for him which he had left behind. The old tailor, having lost hope of his son’s return, keeps talking to this shirt. This story is not about a father-son relationship, but about the difference in ideologies between generations.

Directed by Dhrubajit Baishya


Hindi, English Film with Subtitles in English (19 mins)

Haklu, a South Asian domestic worker, travels to the U.K. on an Overseas Domestic Worker visa with his employer and lives in slavery-like working conditions that are commonly accepted in the global south. Haklu’s interactions with a British South Asian girl (who is unaware of his class and caste context) leave him grappling with the ideas of equality and kindness but also give him the courage to dream of his escape.

Directed by Aanchal Kapoor


Admission on a first-come-first-served basis. NCPA Members will get preferential seating till 6.20 pm

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