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Short Film Screenings

An NCPA Presentation in collaboration with White Wall Screenings 

There are so many wonderful short films being made in India, with auteurs at work in their own regions, and bold, new voices who are experimenting with form and technique. Short Film Corner hopes to connect movie lovers with these films and open a dialogue with filmmakers, who in turn, get a chance to connect with their audiences.


Scenes from a Pandemic
Hindi Film (21mins) 

A young ambitious woman moves to Mumbai for her first job right out of college. Three months after her move is the onset of the pandemic and her life changes forever. Spanning two years, Scenes from a Pandemic is the story of a young woman’s relationships with her mother, her best friend and her career during a tumultuous phase of life. 

Writer-Director: Tanmaya Shekhar 


Guddi Maasi
Hindi Film (10 mins)

Guddi Maasi, a matchmaker from Varanasi, arranges child marriages with older men and is a part of shady money deals. Or is she? 

Directed by Janvi Madabusi 


Hindi (17mins) 

 Nazariya provides a slice of life in the story of a newly-wed couple on their honeymoon. The expectations they have from each other are never expressed and never understood. These small misunderstandings can create a distance not seen but felt deep inside.

Directed by Rashmi Somvanshi


Admission on a first-come-first-served basis. NCPA Members will get preferential seating till 6.20 pm.

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