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This event promises to be a celebration of emotions, stories and the power of language in verse.

The NCPA Library in collaboration with Literary Warriors Group, India

The celebrated painter Captain Ashish Pannase will create paintings based on the poem as it is performed during the launch of Tilism-e-Zindagi, a book of poetry by Neelam Saxena.

This event will be performed live onstage as a fusion of poetry, painting and dance. Elevating the poetic experience, a live dance presentation will enrich the atmosphere, complementing the spoken word with rhythmic tones. The synergy between poetry and dance promises to be a feast for the senses. The Head of the NCPA Library and Documentation Centre, Sujata Jadhav, will moderate the event.

The book launch will be followed by readings of poems in Hindi by members of the Literary Warriors Group, including Anoop Pandey, Juhi Gupte, Anup Jalan, Sheo Nath and Purna Shah. Senior artiste Arpana Rao and her disciple Nandita NG, two Kathak artistes from the AMNA Institute, will conclude the event by uplifting the poetry experience. The fusion of dance and poetry is sure to delight all the senses.


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