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    Experimental Theatre
  • Date Time
    4 May 2024 | 7:00 pm
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    Rs.450, 405 & 360/-
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Language: Hindi

AJAATSHATRU is an adaptation of celebrated Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen’s famous play ‘An Enemy of the People. Ibsen is considered father of modern drama and adaptation in Hindi is written by ILA Arun.

The play focuses on the burning problem of environmental disasters, air and water pollution confronting us today. The play highlights the dangers of lack of social responsibility and reckless business interests that force some business and political class to camouflage the problem only for their political, business and vote bank politics. The play explores and addresses all the questions relating to this huge problem through a conflict between two brothers. One an enlightened doctor conscious of his medical and social responsibilities but unfortunately in minority and other a business man and politician who is supported by ignorant and powerful majority. For how the conflict gets resolved, please come and watch our play ‘Ajaatshatru’

Presentation By: Surnai Theatre And Folk Arts Foundation
Production: Antardhwani Productions
Adaptation Writer: ILA Arun
Directed by: K. K. Raina
Cast: Abhishek Pandey, Vijay Kashyap, KK Raina, Guneet Singh, Aditi Sharma/Ishita Arun & Shilpa Mehta/Prackriti Bhargava
Set & light design by: Salim Akhtar
Music and Sound by: Sanjoy Dazz
Produced by: Antardhwani Productions


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