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    14 June 2019 -
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A Lec-dem by Ramdas Bhatkal
(approx. 120 mins)

An NCPA Presentation

The music tradition propagated by the legendary savant Vishnu Narayan Bhatkhande (1860 -1936) had a strong pedagogical and theoretical approach. Having set up music colleges in Gwalior, Baroda and Lucknow, he mentored disciples like S. N. Ratanjankar and G. N. Natu, who were also sent to train with reputed vocalists of Agra and Gwalior gharanas respectively. This duo later trained musicians like Chidanand Nagarkar, S.C.R. Bhat, K.G. Ginde and Dinkar Kaikini, exposing them to both the gharanas regularly. Ratanjankar was largely instrumental in shaping the Bhatkhande parampara. The style clearly shows a fusion of intellectual rigour of Bhatkhande with the flair of Agra maestros. The repertoire consists of a large collection of bandishes from various gharanas published by Bhatkhande with the assistance of Ratanjankar and Sukthankar, who also added their own compositions to this collection. The parampara continued with Nagarkar and Kaikini who wrote not only bandishes but created new ragas. Other students spread out all over India and made their own contribution. In this lec-dem, Ramdas Bhatkal along with Pranati Mhatre and Sarangee Ambekar will trace the evolution of Bhatkhande parampara through bandishes of Bhatkhande (Chatur or Hararang), Faiyyaz Khan (Prempiya), Ratanjankar (Sujan), Nagarkar (Chit-Anand) and Kaikini (Dinrang).


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