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  • Venue
    Godrej Dance Theatre
  • Date Time
    21 April 2024 | 6:00 pm
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  • Duration
    80 mins

Event Details

English & Hindi Play

An NCPA Presentation in collaboration with Story Circus

Cast Off All Shame begins with the spirit of Bhakti poet Janabai coming alive and taking over a radio show as an RJ. She then talks to various women callers who reach out to her with everyday issues of gender and patriarchy. Thus, the solo theatre piece consists of a series of vignettes—some hilarious, some gut-wrenching—about Indian women from a variety of classes and settings. Their situations are illuminated by women Bhakti poets—Janabai, Lal Ded, Akka Mahadevi, Avvaiyyar, Soyarabai—whose poems appear as ‘characters’ in this show.

Punctuated with soulful poetry and stories, Cast Off All Shame remains an entertaining, engaging and empowering experience for everyone.

Written, directed and performed by Ulka Mayur


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