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  • Venue
    Godrej Dance Theatre
  • Date Time
    2 June 2024 | 4:00 pm
  • Age Limit
  • Member Price
    Rs. 450/-
  • Non Member Price
    Rs. 500/-
  • Duration
    120 mins

Event Details

Experience the magic of “Eidgah – Premchand Ki Kahani, Dastango Ki Zubani”! Inspired by the 13th-century art of storytelling, Dastangoi, this production weaves a captivating narrative using elements like music, rhyme, props, and interactivity to create a truly immersive experience for young children.

Adapted from the timeless story by the celebrated Hindustani writer Munshi Premchand, “Eidgah” serves as a beautiful bridge between modern literature and ancient storytelling traditions.

Let’s sensitively address family values and empower them to emerge stronger despite peer pressure.

This is more than just a performance; it’s a chance for your family to bond, learn, and create lasting memories together.

NCPA and Grooming Babies Presentation

Age Limit: 5+

Late entry will not be permitted.

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