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    6 May 2023 | 3:00 pm
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So much about ‘going to the theatre’ is indeed that—soaking in the energy that the space exudes. It is this tactile, collective experience of witnessing a live performance that has been missed sorely during the lockdown and now that we are out of it, a guided tour of the NCPA theatres and libraries would feature on the itinerary of young theatre lovers who visit the NCPA during the festival. Students from colleges across Mumbai will be given a tour of our sprawling premises that boast five theatres, an art gallery, a reference library with a prized collection of books on Marathi theatre, scripts and recordings of seminal plays and music libraries with an unmatched collection of records, LPs, cassettes, CDs and books on Western classical music as well as other styles of music. In the reference library, Sujata Jadhav, Head- Libraries and Documentation Centre,  will take the visitors through forms of theatre, their evolution and recent trends as well as discuss distinguished Marathi theatre artistes and production houses. Nayan Kale, General Manager – Technical, at the NCPA—who knows every detail about the unique acoustics of our theatres, has enabled the flawless execution of thousands of productions on our stages and is full of fascinating behind-the-scenes stories—will conduct the Theatre tour.


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The NCPA is committed to preserving and promoting India's rich and vibrant artistic heritage in the fields of music, dance, theatre, film, literature and photography, as well as presenting new and innovative work by Indian and international artists from a diverse range of genres including drama, contemporary dance, orchestral concerts, opera, jazz and chamber music.