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    Experimental Theatre
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    16 August 2019 -
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    Rs. 450 & 360/-
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    Rs. 500 & 400/-

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Parsi Gujarati Play (150 mins)

Dinshu and Jimshu  are  very  good  friends who never  leave  an  opportunity  to  flirt  with other women  when  their  wives  are  away. When Delnaz’s  aunt  comes  to take  her  out   of  town  for  10  days,  Dinshu and Jimshu make plans with their girlfriends. In the meantime, a solicitor comes from Hyderabad to inform Dinshu that he has inheirted crores of rupees, but to get it he needs to get his wife’s signature within a day. Suffice it to say, Dinshu and Jimshu hatch a crackpot plan to have their cake and eat it too.

Written by Dorab Mehta
Directed by Cyrus Dastoor
Cast: Mani Mulla, Dilshad Irani, Behram Toddywalla, Hemant Bhatt, Rashna Karai, Gunvant Surani & others

A Universal Theatres’ Production


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