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    Godrej Dance Theatre
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    17 March 2024 | 5:00 pm
    17 March 2024 | 7:30 pm
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Short Plays

An NCPA Presentation

Micro Theatre brings together a community of artistes to present a collection of one-act plays on one stage. Six independent directors lead each play, giving each story a unique style and flavour.


English (12 mins)

Kheer revolves around a family dinner, where the dessert for the night, the precious kheer, goes missing. As this dysfunctional unit of four tries to solve the mystery of the missing kheer, we see them pondering, laughing and scheming as hilarious secrets and deep-seated feelings are revealed. We are reminded of what family really means when people stick together, despite their differences.

Directed by Rutwik Deshpande


Excess Baggage
Hindi (12 mins)

Two distinctive pop culture icons forge a unique friendship when they encounter each other on their way to a much-anticipated retreat. Excess Baggage is your ticket to a chaotic ride that turns into a confrontational, vulnerable, and empowering journey. So, grab a seat and witness our protagonists unburden themselves between the stations of the past and the present.

Directed by Raashi Priya Nahata


Fake News Loves Bots
English (12 mins)

Fake News Loves Bots is a sci-fi comedy set in the Twitter universe, where Preeti’s sincere and scarcely active Twitter account encounters a propaganda-spreading bot who is determined to “hack” the account. The bot eventually persuades Preeti, showing her the thrill of viral tweets, multiple likes and exponentially growing followers—all of which is achieved by spreading … fake news.

Directed by Ishita Karra


All My Eyes
English (12 mins)

A son’s attempt to reach his distant father. Expressing himself through the one thing his father disapproves of most, Aman uses his poetry to bring his innermost turmoils to life, quite literally. A poem he never wants his father to read manages to find its way to Mumbai’s biggest stage.

Directed by Soham Pujara


A Loser’s Guide to Flirting
English (12 mins)

A young man’s incapability to flirt is brought to light when a woman assumes that he is hitting on her at a party. When he reveals his insecurities around approaching women, she starts to give him lessons on flirting.

Directed by Rishab Talwalkar


The Arrangement
Hindi (12 mins) 

A whimsical short musical that explores the internal struggles of a man and a woman as they prepare for a blind date, their nerves creating a symphony of emotions. Nimesh and Anjali find themselves caught in a whirlwind of anticipation and self-doubt when stepping into the unknown world of romance, but in the grand orchestration of life, love always has a perfect arrangement.

Directed by Jasmin A Singh


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