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  • Venue
    Godrej Dance Theatre
  • Date Time
    31 August 2019 -
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    Rs. 450/-
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    Rs. 500/-

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English Play (105 mins)

Set deep inside an American federal prison, Mumbai Terror Attacks is a one-man show that explores the life, times and lies of the man that planned the 26/11 attacks. Years later, removed from his life and in prison for the next 35 years, Headley is compelled to confess his sins. He carefully lays out the events of his life and his need for attention. His is the story of a lost boy torn between his American mother and Pakistani father. He delves into both, the details of his story and nuances of his emotional life, which led him to become a double agent.

Directed by Mark Bennington
Actor & Writer: Jeff Goldberg
A Jeff Goldberg Studio Production


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