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    17 December 2022 | 11:00 am
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Understanding the virtuosity of violin in the context of various genres of Indian music

A free online workshop on Zoom by Sangeeta Shankar with Shivahari Varma (vocal) and Ajeet Pathak (tabla)

(Duration: 45 mins followed by Q&A session)

The Indian subcontinent abounds in a variety of musical instruments, and a considerable specialisation is displayed in instrumental usage—from producing drones, providing melodic or rhythmic accompaniment, to playing solo music. No wonder, therefore, that instruments and instrumental music continue to play a prominent role in the Indian tradition.

Violin, a stringed lute of European origin, was introduced into Carnatic (South Indian) music in the early part of the 19th century, and it was later adapted into Hindustani (North Indian) music. Since its introduction, the instrument continues to play a significant role, both as a solo and accompanying instrument.

Sangeeta Shankar is a disciple and daughter of the violin virtuoso N. Rajam. Making her debut at 16, Shankar has performed across the globe and has a number of albums to her credit. She also has a doctorate degree in music from Banaras Hindu University and continues to spread the family tradition by training a number of students including her two daughters.

The session will focus on the virtuosity of the violin with a special reference to its status as a solo as well an accompanying instrument in various genres of Indian music from khayal, thumri to light and fusion music.

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