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    Tata Theatre
  • Date Time
    28 April 2024 | 5:00 pm
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    Rs.630, 450 & 270/- (Inclusive of GST)
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    Rs.700, 500 & 300/- (Inclusive of GST)

Event Details

Kathak by Aditi Mangaldas and Odissi by Sujata Mohapatra

Aditi Mangaldas is a leading dancer and choreographer in the classical Indian dance form of Kathak. With extensive training under the leading gurus of the form, Kumudini Lakhia and Birju Maharaj, Mangaldas is recognised for her artistry, technique, eloquence and characteristic energy that mark every performance. She heads the Aditi Mangaldas Dance Company – The Drishtikon Dance Foundation. Renowned for her innovative use of costume and lighting, Mangaldas elevates her performances to a realm beyond conventional boundaries. With a dynamic choreographic style, she pioneers new-age Kathak, pushing the boundaries of traditional dance forms. Her meticulous attention to aharya (costume and adornment) plays a pivotal role in the visual spectacle of her presentations, adding a layer of aesthetic richness to her already mesmerising performances. Mangaldas seamlessly intertwines tradition with modernity in a way that is both groundbreaking and deeply evocative.

ARQ (the essence)

ARQ is a collection of four extracts taken from different productions.

ARQ begins with an invocation to Ganesha, Shiva and Parvati; followed by two extracts from “IMMERSED” celebrating Krishna and concludes with an extract from WITHIN – which invokes the principle of the static and the dynamic and the constant interplay between them.

Choreographer’s note:

“I have chosen these four extracts keeping in mind the emphasis of this festival on “Aharya”. All my works, classical Kathak or ‘Contemporary dance based on Kathak’ – attempt to offer various points of entry into the narrative… AHARYA becoming one of these dimensions that facilitates the viewer to immerse themselves deeper into the work. The costuming for each piece presented, has been thoughtfully conceptualised – at times obvious the way it transforms the subject and at times, subtle and abstract!” – Aditi Mangaldas

Sujata Mohapatra is considered a benchmark of excellence in Odissi today. Her performances have catapulted the art form to the global stage. Mohapatra spent 20 years under the tutelage of Kelucharan Mohapatra. In recognition of her perseverance, vast body of work and the profound impact she has had on the Indian dance community, the Indian Government has conferred on her the Sangeet Natak Akademi Puraskar. Mohapatra’s choreography pays homage to the authentic roots of Odissi. With each step and gesture, she unravels a cultural tapestry showcasing artistic finesse that has been carefully preserved and nurtured over time. Amidst the graceful cadence of her dance, Mohapatra generously shares poignant anecdotes from her personal journey, providing the audience with a glimpse into the traditions, challenges and triumphs of taking forward Guruji’s legacy.


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