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    Experimental Theatre
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    23 February 2020 -
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Show #1

Kaise Karenge?
Hindi/English (130mins)

“When life throws lemons at you… Just make lemonade out of it.” This is a philosophy that 21-year-old Saurav Parasrampuria follows. Saurav has had one dream since his childhood, to go to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Just when he is about to leave for his MIT interview, he is faced with a crisis – his brother, 27-year-old Kapil Parasrampuria has developed Multiple Personality Disorder. Faced with the dilemma of choosing between his career and his brother, he chooses his brother. What follows is mayhem. Saurav starts facing difficulty in handling Kapil and his other two personalities with each having their respective quirks. However, after a few months, Saurav’s genius mind discovers that Kapil and his personalities have a hidden talent. Thus begins the journey of Saurav to help his brother make this disorder a boon for him. Will he succeed in the biggest examination of his life? Will Kapil be able to gain control of his life again?

The play opened in the month of March 2019 to rave reviews and has spread the message of mental health awareness among the youngsters with humor as an undertone. It is Out of the Box Production’s 8th theatre production launched in India, keeping in mind the vision and mission of the company to enhance theatre in India & inspiring the young to pursue theatre as a career choice as producers, directors, writers and actors. The play’s fresh, original and light-hearted concept on multiple personality disorder makes it stand unique in the entertainment field. Kaise Karenge? “is a must-watch if you enjoy a laughter trip with the right amount of heart”

Written by: Abhishek Pattnaik
Directed by: Suketu Shah
Cast: Darsheel Safary, Abhishek Pattnaik, Gaurangi Dang, Prakhar Singh


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