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  • Venue
    Godrej Dance Theatre
  • Date Time
    9 July 2023 | 12:00 pm
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  • Duration
    1 hour 15 mins

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NCPA in collaboration with Theatrewaalas

Adapted & directed by Sheetal R & Rohit Tiwari

Inspired by the famous Amelia Jane series by Enid Blyton. The play is a cute little story of toys inside a toy nursery.

Penny’s toy nursery has many toys like Teddy, Annie & Gollywog. One day a new toy called Peggy Pane arrives and turns the peace of the nursery upside down. Being a very naughty doll Peggy keeps creating mischief in the toy nursery and makes life difficult for all the toys. The toys finally decide to teach Peggy a lesson, but the entry of a mysterious creature scares the beezeejus out of the toys and then Peggy helps them out with her bravery, making a new friend in the end. The play is a very colorful costume and props musical drama.


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