Readings in the Shed

14 Feb 2020
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Chapter XIX: Letters of Love (75 mins)

An NCPA Off-Stage Presentation

Love – a word used liberally to express an emotion that remains undefined. The sentiment may be universal, but its interpretations are individual. And, that is why it is difficult to say what brings two people together and makes them fall in love with each other. Is it chemistry, or is it fate? Or perhaps it is the right dosage of both, swirled together as Cupid takes aim and shoots at his mark. This Valentine's Day, we read out letters of love which narrate the love stories of some of the most complex, creative minds of our times.

Performer: Meher Mistry
Soundscape: Keith Sequeira
Creative Editor: Himali Kothari
Director: Nikhil Katara


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Venue: Tata Theatre Garden
Price: Member: ₹270/-
Non-Member: ₹300/-
Friday 14 Feb
7:30 pm
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