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  • Venue
    Jamshed Bhabha Theatre
  • Date Time
    24 February 2018 | 7:00 pm
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    Rs.1600, 1280, 960, 640 & 320/- (Plus GST)
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    Rs.1600, 1280, 960, 640 & 320/- (Plus GST)

Event Details

Zane Dalal, conductor
Roberto Prosseda, piano

Schubert: Symphony No. 8 “Unfinished”
Mendelssohn: Piano Concerto No. 1
Mendelssohn: Symphony No. 4 “Italian”

This immensely popular concert of symphonic favourites is due in large part to the way in which both Franz Schubert and Felix Mendelssohn can wend a tune. So sure-footed is their discovery of beauty, as notes hover and move forward connecting to each other like pearls on a necklace, that musicians and listeners alike are held in a trance by the exquisite nature of this music. The ‘unfinished’ symphony delicately coaxes sound from strings and solo woodwinds alike that remind us of Schubert’s supreme gifts as a songwriter. The Mendelssohn Piano Concerto is a fine vehicle for dynamic pianism, and the “Italian” symphony is a brilliant, taut, yet delightfully tuneful celebration of the ‘joy in life’. Here’s how Mendelssohn describes it after arriving in Italy.
“This is Italy! And now has begun what I have always thought… to be the supreme joy in life. And I am loving it.”
“It will be the jolliest piece I have ever done”
Don’t miss this concert for an evocation of happiness and a toe-tapping, tune-humming send-off.

The concert will run for approximately 110 minutes including one intermission.

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