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    Experimental Theatre
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    25 January 2020 -
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    Rs. 270, 225/-
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    Rs. 300, 250/-

Event Details

By the Members of Shahana Shilpi Sangha & Candenza Kantori
Duration: Around 75 min

In association with Shahana, Tagore Centre for Indian Music and Culture

Rabindranath Tagore’s musical, cultural and philosophical influences span Indian and Western Culture. Soon after his return from England in 1880, the influence of old Celtic and English melodies was clearly visible in his works. In a short burst of about 5 years he wrote several songs where he adapted the tunes from these melodies. These creations are no less enthralling and dramatic than his use of Indian classical music in his songs.

In this recital we present both versions, the original Celtic/English compositions, alongside those composed by Rabindranath Tagore, presented by two groups of accomplished singers, Shahana Shilpi Sangha and Cadenza Kantori. Such juxtaposition is sure to elucidate the depth of Tagore’s unsurpassed creativity.


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