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  • Venue
    Jamshed Bhabha Theatre
  • Date Time
    10 December 2022 | 6:30 pm
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    Rs.1,800, 1,440, 1,080 & 720/- (Inclusive of GST)
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    Rs.2,000, 1,600, 1,200 & 800/- (Inclusive of GST)

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CITI – NCPA Aadi Anant: From Here to Eternity

As one of India’s leading percussive instruments, the tabla has played a vital role in shaping the presentation of Hindustani music and the dance form of Kathak. Although conventionally, tabla players were merely expected to provide rhythmic accompaniment, in recent times, they have had scope to play a more active and creative role, thus lending a new dimension to the aesthetics of the overall presentation. As a result, today, the tabla player is recognised as an integral part of a performance.

In this regard, the contribution made by Zakir Hussain, the internationally renowned tabla maestro, is indeed invaluable. In this performance, the inimitable master will showcase the versatility of the tabla by playing solo as well as providing rhythmic accompaniment to the sitar, a lute that has an international presence today.

A fifth-generation sitar player, Niladri Kumar has trained with his father, Kartick Kumar, who has had the privilege of learning from his father and other great masters, including the legendary maestro, Ravi Shankar. Kumar has had exposure to world music, and today, he is a prominent instrumentalist representing the younger generation of musicians.

In this recital, the artistes explore the sonic space together, leaving aside the conventional hierarchy of either one of the instruments.

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