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    Experimental Theatre
  • Date Time
    18 May 2023 | 6:30 pm
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    Rs. 270 & 180/-
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Nrutyadhishthan Ganesh
by Rupali Desai with Sanskruti Nritya Kala Mandir
Nartan …Aavartan…Keertan
by Manisha Jeet with Manas Cultural Institute

An NCPA Presentation

Nrutyadhishthan Ganesh
Nrutyadhishthan Ganesh is a unique production based on Dr. Rupali Desai’s संगीताचार्य विषय कथक नृत्य शैलीतील श्री गणेशाचे अधिष्ठान (Sangeetacharya Topic Kathak Nrutyashailitil Shree Ganeshacha Adhishthan). The production presents new creative compositions by Dr. Desai like ashtapadi, kavitta, stuti, dhrupad and compositions in Ganesh tala. Joining her students, Dr. Desai will enthral the audience with unfamiliar aspects of Lord Ganesha in Kathak.

Nartan… Aavartan… Keertan…
In a symphony of ancient echoes, a tale as old as time comes to life through the rhythmic whispers of ghunghroos, the soulful melodies of instruments and the methodical grace of exquisite movements. Every step is an ode to traditions and expressions that captivate the essence of India’s venerable art form—Kathak.

Dance speaks the language of the soul. The expressions that lie dormant within are the sparks that ignites the fire of rhythmic motion, giving birth to nrutta. The alchemy of tatkar, chakris, harmonious hand gestures and the fluidity of form merge with the intricate tapestry of layas and talas creating the mesmerising manoeuvres of cycles of rhythm. And so, we present aavartan

रामचंद्राय वेधसे
एक श्लोकी रामायण & पंचमुखी हनुमान

Tracing the origins of Kathak to the ancient art of katha kathan—storytelling—we invite you to step into a spiritual realm. Immerse yourself in the ethereal verses of the Ramayana, as penned by Tulsidas, and explore the selfless devotion of panchmukhi Hanuman, the greatest devotee of Rama. Embrace the magic of keertan and let the timeless wisdom of these immortal tales resonate within the soul.


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