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    1 December 2017 -
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    Rs. 375/-, Rs. 225/-, Rs. 150/-
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The Kamshet Project

By Paaradox/Terence Lewis Contemporary Dance Company 

Contemporary dance performance followed by an engaging and entertaining 20 mins talk by the celebrated dancer, choreographer Terence Lewis.

Conceived at a farmhouse in the small town of Kamshet, The Kamshet Project experiments with transitioning realities. Nine highly skiled dancers were put under house arrest and cut off from all social and familial ties. It was an experiment to go beyond the physical text of dance and explore the reality of who each of us really is.

New identities chosen, names taken on, to reach our higher selves. Relationships now start… playful. But when the mildly flirtatious turns sexual and the game turns sour, the Beast within takes over. Chaos rules, as they dance in unlikely pairings, till the human spirit returns as they recount the painful and pleasurable memories locked in the inner child. Now emptied, they find a cathartic release as the Colours of Life neutralise their pain and pleasure, guilt and shame, to stand baptised once again, embracing the Beauty of the Beast within.

Box Office: 9th November for Members & 12th November for Public

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