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    Experimental Theatre
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    7 November 2019 -
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    Rs.450 & 360/-
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An NCPA Presentation

Tula or Balance by Nritarutya Dance Company

(approx. 60 mins)

Tula, meaning balance, is inspired by the relationship between energy, nature, man and woman. Tula is a theatrical journey to celebrate stories of the past. Dance has long been the chosen language of expression used to pay homage to nuanced ideas of myths and legends. The production is a dialogue between dance and mythology, an exchange that is rich and full of memory. In some ways, our identities are intricately woven by the stories of mythology and folklore we grew up listening to. Tula takes ideas and stories from our roots and contextualises them to our present. Hindu mythology is laden with characters that are graphic, unusual and larger than life. Be it the half-man, half-lion (Narasimha), or the wish-granting cow (Kamadhenu), or the naked, ten-armed goddess with a garland of skulls adorning her neck (Kali), or the half-man, half-woman (Ardhanareeshwara), the characters that form the cast of Tula are testament to the truly vivid and complex imaginations of the erstwhile storytellers of India. Each of the depicted divine embodiments holds great fascination, power and presence. They are a metaphor for human life, inspiring young minds to explore our ancient mythology.

A Nritarutya Production

Director and Producer-Mayuri Upadhya
Concept and Choreography-Mayuri Upadhya and Madhuri Upadhya


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