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  • Venue
    Tata Theatre
  • Date Time
    23 April 2017 | 7:00 pm
  • Member Price
    Rs.450, 300, 225 & 150/-
  • Non Member Price
    Rs.600, 400, 300 & 200/-

Event Details

The evening will showcase thematic performances by city’s renowned dancers along with their troupes.

Versatile Kathak exponent Sanjukta Wagh will present the opening act of the evening with Khyal – geometries of thought along with Pooja Pant and Neha Kudchadkar. A vilambit khyal is translated into movement where the interplay of the verbal and nonverbal geometries of thought result in a melody danced, a rhythm establishing a mood and the mood leading the melody. The bada khyal transforms to find new possibilities of visual expression in Kathak.

Following that, renowned Odissi exponent, Jhelum Paranjape and her troupe Smitalay’s, presentation – Sthityantar, will cover the journey of the Odissi dance form from folk to classical, the gradual transformation from the Mahari: devdasi dance, the temple dance performed by the devadasis of the Jagannath Temple, which has now been discontinued to the traditional dance form of Gotipua performed by young boys dressed as girls, to the classical dance form of Odissi performed today.

The third act, Vivataran- Timelapse, Moonlight by eminent Kathak danseuse Gauri Sharma Tripathi presents the transformations of the music compositions of Niraj Chag in ‘Timelapse’, where the sound makes us see the reflective bounce of the body. The lilting composition by Hiren Chate brings to light the words which shape the vertical movements that react to the changing landscape of the space, birthing a new dialogue with the voice in ‘Moonlight’. Choreographies in this dance are in collaboration with ANKH Dance Company, Danceworx Academy, and Navdhara India Dance Theater.

Lastly, Upaj by Vaibhav Arekar a renowned Bharatanatyam artiste and his troupe Sankhya is an introspective piece that examines the shift between definitive structures to a more free flowing spurt of movements of the Bharatanatyam idiom. It explores the relationship of the solo dancing body affected by the presence of others. The transformation of one idea into another that is the binding theme of this piece.

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