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    Experimental Theatre
  • Date Time
    20 February 2021 | 6:30 pm
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  • Duration
    90 Minutes

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Facets of Him
by Vaibhav Arekar & Sankhya Dance Company

An NCPA Presentation

With multiple choreographies woven together, Shiva interprets the male and female entities in the universe within the all-encompassing Shiva. He is nirguna-niraakara (formless) but, of course for the mortals, he is perceived as saguna-saakaar (one with a form). He is worshipped as Ardhanarishwara (Shiva-Parvati) and Hari-Hara (Shiva-Vishnu). The only god who merges his identity to have this concept of dual-principle godhead. His consort is the supreme, untameable, universal energy—Shakti. Durga, the one who is the most splendid manifestation of Devi, contains within her the power of all gods, while Nataraj, the cosmic dancer, represents the constant bio-dance of life-creation, sustenance and dissolution.


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