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  • Venue
    Tata Theatre Foyer
  • Date Time
    17 February 2024 | 3:00 pm
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Film screening

Yavanikā – the screen of illusion – is an exploration of the relationship of the Self with its source.

Conceived as a full-length dance film in the Bharatanatyam idiom, yavanikā takes us on the elusive journey of self towards the Supreme. Featuring pan-Indian poetry, in multiple languages including Telugu, Kannada, Hindi and Tamil, the film echoes the voices of seers and poets from across several centuries (14th century to 21st century CE).

While the movement idiom is rooted in Bharatanatyam, each of the seven dance acts in the film has its own soundscape and movement vocabulary, lending them their own unique flavour and atmosphere. The production captures music and movement through the camera in a unique way, with the intention of taking the Indian Classical Arts to
diverse audiences across the world.


Free seating on a first-come-first-served basis

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